How to implement the Timeout

ajay kumar

How to implement the Timeout

We are using BD2 V5r1, We want DB2 to initiate the timeout if the resource
is unavailable for x seconds.

The problem is During BIND, the job is simply idle for more than 25 mts, it
is not come out? We are binding the package to 'xxx' collection.(somebody
will test the application which will use the 'xxx' collection). Sometimes
there is not application but the bind will be idle for more than 20 mts, but
the thread status is '*'.

Our params settings are Resource Timeout = 60 Seconds
Deadlock Time = 5 seconds

i changed this parm to Resource Timeout = 14 Seconds
Deadlock Time = 3 Seconds
But no use.

Did i miss any parms.. Can any one of you face this proplem and how did you
solved it..?

Thanks In advance

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