DB2/390 Y2K coverage......good luck !!

Max Scarpa

DB2/390 Y2K coverage......good luck !!
I hope It 'll be only a safety crew.....in a red metal box with a little
hammer and a BIG warning :

'In case of Y2K bug break the glass' ..... Just to exorcise Y2K bug.

I heard many collegues will be in touch this night via e-mail, so that
there 'll be a big news

network all over the world and I think that any DB2 bug will be
localized in few minutes....(?)

I'll be at home, but I'll be connected via PC modem with IBM host to
check the DB2 subsystem, so

If I'll note any bug I'll send immediately a Y2K mail to db2-l.!!!

Wishing you all an uneventful Y2K, and a prosperous 2000 and more. Good
luck !!

Your DB2 Colleague at Cesve
Max Scarpa

"Every DB2 system administrator will be a brother (or a sister) for me
during this 'millenium night' "

:-))) (((-: