DB2 for OS/390 Y2K coverage

Roger Miller

DB2 for OS/390 Y2K coverage
We've been calling this time the 12 days of Y2K. I enjoyed a
couple of Y2K cards at www.bluemountain.com
This evening I get to cover second shift 16:00 to 24:30 PST, then first
shift for a couple of days and third shift for Saturday (or early Sunday
The off-shift team is big, with developers, managers,
and Level 2. I think we have about 30 people here second shift, just in
We get to provide some of the old answers, recycling works.

I've always said that we need to have two more Y2K books.

Y2K, the Procrastinators' Edition for this week

Y2K, the 20-20 Hindsight Edition for the next few weeks

If the time is as quiet as it has been, there will be time to write, but
most of the folks are busy writing new code for next couple of
releases. I've also seen a couple of estimates that only 10% of
the Y2K problems will be found in the next two weeks, so this is
the kind of problem that just keeps on giving.

Roger Miller

Ken Koleto

Re: DB2 for OS/390 Y2K coverage
(in response to Roger Miller)
Nice to have company on the o'dark-thirty hours. I'll be here 'till 0700
EST, and again on 1/1 at 0700. Coverage is lighter tonight, but ramps up
tomorrow and through the week-end.


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