Y2K - All is OK

Joe Decastro

Y2K - All is OK
Hello all....

Nightly batch is winding down and all is well in Florida at 9:30 AM EST (GMT
- 5). We run DB2 V5 and Platinum 97G on OS/390.

Happy New Year,

Richard A Yevich

(in response to Joe Decastro)
Hello from DB2-L and RYCI.COM.

See, if you're getting this, then something must be working. We have much
software behind DB2-L and the entire RYCI web site is DB2. Since everyone
is communicating their successes, we might as well talk about ours, which is
letting you talk about yours.

The MEDIA was wrong, Y2K was a minor hiccup!

Happy New Years Everyone,

Richard Yevich