information please

Martin Kenney

information please
I posted this question around two weeks ago and only received one response
(probably because of all of the
year 2000 stuff), so I will try again.
Me and the other DBA in our shop have requested the installation of DB2
connect and DB2 stored procedures
as a solution to business requirements to access mainframe VSAM files and
mainframe DB2 tables. One of
our main reasons for choosing this solution is that we feel it will be
easier for our systems people to do the
upgrades/maintenance if we keep the solution in the DB2 family. Our (new)
VP/IT basically wants to know
what other companies are using these two products and if they are happy
with the performance of them, so
I am soliciting the following information:
Company name
product(s) you use for this scenario.
Pleased with results
Why you chose your solution (as brief as possible, i.e. cost,
effectiveness, support.......)

We currently are at DB2 V5.1(going to 6.1 this year) and OS390 1.3(going to
2.6 this year).

Thank you in advance>