Making a copy of a database for query\reporting

Linda Ball

Making a copy of a database for query\reporting
Do you need an exact copy for query? Do you need different indexes but
the same tables? I recommend a bulk move technique if you don't want to
reformat. That is faster than UNLOAD/LOAD. Then, if you find even that is
too slow, you can consider propagation to keep it up-to-date. All
propagation techniques, to my knowledge, require processing log, recreating
SQL and applying it. There are differences in the products available but
since this involves a fair amount of processing, you would do well to ask
yourself how often you need this and how much transformation you need to see
if bulk move isn't a good compromise. BMC's Change Manager will power
R+/RESOURCE MAXIMIZER or DSN1COPY to do this for you, for example.
Linda Ball
BMC Software, Inc.
My opinions are my own, of course, but BMC is my employer!
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Subject: Making a copy of a database for query\reporting


I'm interested in anyone's experiences in creating a duplicate copy of a

We currently use unload\load for smaller databases. But, I am now asked to
the same for a larger DB.

o Does anyone have experiences they can share regarding IBM's Data

o How about BMC's Change Data Capture or others?

What other products are out there?

Is there a solution that relies on off the shelf products and techniques?

I'll appreciate all replies.

Thanks, George White.