Making a copy of a database for query\reporting

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Making a copy of a database for query\reporting
We are using a combination depending on what the purpose of the copy is. We have found on very large tables the unload/load does not work well because the original tables are compressed and we require large amounts of tapes to copy the tables to the new destination. We have resorted to a DRP type approach in the end. We use DSN1COPY to move the data to the new destination. Needs a little work in settingup the JCL but once done, it's done. Structure changes do however cause problems every now and again. For once of movements we use PLATINUM (CA?) MIGRATOR. This process is only valid if you want to take a copy and not keep the data updated in a real time fashion


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Subject: Making a copy of a database for query\reporting


I'm interested in anyone's experiences in creating a duplicate copy of a

We currently use unload\load for smaller databases. But, I am now asked to do
the same for a larger DB.

o Does anyone have experiences they can share regarding IBM's Data Propagator

o How about BMC's Change Data Capture or others?

What other products are out there?

Is there a solution that relies on off the shelf products and techniques?

I'll appreciate all replies.

Thanks, George White.