Making a copy of a database for query\reporting

B. J. Scherer

Making a copy of a database for query\reporting
Have you looked at Platinum (CA) Info Refiner? It can take DB2 log records
and keep your tables in sync. So once you have a point in time copy, you
can bring the changes forward to the copy and/or a summary table. This can
happen nightly, hourly, how ever often you want. It uses the Log Reader
from Log Analyzer to get the log data. Not that I care for CA, I know the
technology works. It is 3270 front end and can even work for IMS to DB2 or
you can join IMS and DB2 to have DB2 resultant tables. It can use the IMS
logs as well and will keep track using the RECON. So you don't need to do
full copies to have a reporting system. Just schedule a job and it will
pick up from where it left off and apply all changes. It is like forward
recovery to a separate copy but uses SQL to apply the after image. It will
delete rows as well as insert and update. It will also do summary tables
during the same pass if you want. There are a ton of applications. It is
marketed as a Data Warehousing tool but can be used to keep copies in sync.
This way you can add indexes, have summary tables to drill through, and do
the changes only. This should cut your cycles dramatically. And since it
uses the log, you never touch you production tables. You just gained
hour(s) in your night shift since you are no longer copying production
Just a thought.

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We are using a combination depending on what the purpose of the copy is. We
have found on very large tables the unload/load does not work well because
the original tables are compressed and we require large amounts of tapes to
copy the tables to the new destination. We have resorted to a DRP type
approach in the end. We use DSN1COPY to move the data to the new
destination. Needs a little work in settingup the JCL but once done, it's
done. Structure changes do however cause problems every now and again. For
once of movements we use PLATINUM (CA?) MIGRATOR. This process is only
valid if you want to take a copy and not keep the data updated in a real
time fashion


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Subject: Making a copy of a database for query\reporting


I'm interested in anyone's experiences in creating a duplicate copy of a

We currently use unload\load for smaller databases. But, I am now asked to
the same for a larger DB.

o Does anyone have experiences they can share regarding IBM's Data

o How about BMC's Change Data Capture or others?

What other products are out there?

Is there a solution that relies on off the shelf products and techniques?

I'll appreciate all replies.

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