Making a copy of a database for query\reporting

Max Scarpa

Making a copy of a database for query\reporting
We had 3 types of db to replicate. We didn't use anty 3rd-party tool.

- A small one, we replicate with UNLOAD/LOAD via shared tape and shared GDGs
(NEARLINE STORAGETEK shared between prod and test) during night time. We
generated the JCL once, then it was scheduled and parameters edited via
CONTROL-M (with auto-edit feature).
It was a production db even if created in a test LPAR.

-Two big db. One was refreshed every month (more or less) due to huge dimensions
of tables with UNLOAD/LOAD; the other was duplicated via DSN1COPY + OBIDXLAT dd
cards + RECOVER INDEX (ES). All db were updated during night time and all
auto-edited and scheduled via CONTROL-M .

We would like to to use Platinum's LOG ANALYZER, but we had to enable DATA
CAPTURE with an alter table and you must consider your log size will increase.
All tools checked had disadvantages but the most important is the huge quantity
of data to replicate (and the log created with heavy insert/update/delete
activity i.e. out of space in log DASDs).

I saw that one of the most important parameters to decide what is the best
solution is the time the duplicate database may be unusable (and out of sync) by
applications. If window is narrow, the best solution is to use replication
tools; if the windows is large enough the best solution (and less cost) is to
use DSN1COPY or UNLOAD/RELOD in parallel for each tablespace.

I hear that DATA REPLICATOR is a good tool, but I did not test this tool.
I knew someone used RVA SNAPSHOT COPY, but I don't know how.

Max Scarpa
Data & system Admin

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