DB2 Connect Enterprise edition

Lynne Flatley

DB2 Connect Enterprise edition
The NT performance monitor would capture that info for you. There is a way
registering DB2 Connect with the performance monitor, I'm sure it's
documented in one of the DB2 Connect manuals.

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> Subject: DB2 Connect Enterprise addtition
> Could use some info if anyone knows:
> We are currently running DB2 Connect Enterprise addition on an NT box.
> (I'm a DB2/DBA
> mainframe guy so please bear with me on this question).
> Is there a way to monitor the number of connections from that NT machine
> at
> any given
> time?? What I would be looking for is there a way to tell how many threads
> are currently
> being run off that box? Is there a command that can be issued from DB2
> Connect that lists
> the current active threads coming thru it??
> I know that when I'm in my little ole DB2 world I can display the active
> threads and see them
> but I'm looking for something that would give me this information from
> outside of the DB2
> mainframe and back down on the NT.
> Would appreciate any info you might have.
> Thanks:
> --Steve....
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