Brian Lynch

This problem and other storage related problems started showing up after our conversion from MVS to OS/390.

Has anyone else seen this?
What did you do?

We are at v5.1 PUT 9805 and IBM has already told us to get more current. We have already planned a migration to a more recent PUT level, but that won't be implemented for several months. If you have any suggestions that can be implemented right now on our current configuration that would be great.

IEC161I 020-053,DB2PDBM1,DB2PDBM1,SYS00590,,,

020 Not enough virtual storage was available for work areas,
buffers, or control blocks.

The SFI message field, if present, will be of the format
(xxxxxxxx yy) where the xxxxxxxx is length of the GETMAIN
request in hexadecimal and the yy is a one byte
hexadecimal subpool number for the GETMAIN request.

System Action: OPEN, CLOSE, or EOV processing ends for
the data set. CLOSE (TYPE=T operand) processing
continues, if possible. The error flags in the ACB
(access method control block) for the data set are set to

Programmer Response: If the error occurred during OPEN,
CLOSE (TYPE=T), or EOV processing, specify a larger
REGION parameter or increase the size of the SQA (system
queue area). Rerun the job. For information on possible
region size limitation, see section, 'Limiting User
Region Size -- IEALIMIT,' in MVS/ESA SP V5 Using the
Subsystem Interface.

If the error occurred during CLOSE processing, and the
data set was open for output, use the access method
services VERIFY command to make sure that the end-of-file
marker in the data set entry in the catalog is correct,
and specify a larger region size or increase the size of
the SQA. Do this before trying any further processing on
the data set. If the data set was open for input, the
VERIFY command need not be used.

Roger Miller

(in response to Brian Lynch)
I don't have time for the real work on this one, but it sounds as though
some of the storage areas are smaller or effectively smaller now.
I'd recheck the CSA, SQA, ... specifications as well as making sure that
the SWA is above the line and even the private storage limits in OS/390.

Do you know if the limit here is above or below the 16M line? For DB2,
about the only thing that would affect below the line storage is the
DSMAX and number of threads using OS/390 functions like AMS that
still run below the 16M line.

Roger Miller