question for DB2-list-server

Martin Kenney

question for DB2-list-server
A co-worker of mine requested I send the below problem to the list server.
Please respond if you can help him. Thanks!!
---------------------- Forwarded by Marty R Kenney/RICC/AAR on 01/05/2000
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Sridhar Gupta
01/05/2000 11:09 AM

To: Marty R [login to unmask email] WASHINGTON

Subject: question for DB2-list-server

Could you please send this query to the DB2 List-server group and please
let me know if you require any more details.

The following is the question for DB2 List-server from Raj.

The following error message is displayed when calling a stored procedure.

SQL4301N Java interpreter startup or communication failed. Reason code '2'.
SQLSTATE = 58004

Platform: Windows NT
Database: DB2 Universal ver 6.1 (Personal Edition)
Language: Java
The dbm cfg file has JDK11_PATH = d:\JDK1.2.2