OS390 DB2 5.1/Websphere/java servlets

Daniel Kirby

OS390 DB2 5.1/Websphere/java servlets
Yes, java servlets running on WebSphere containing either dynamic SQL or stored procedure calls can access DB2 data stored on OS/390. I am not familiar with JDBCservlet.java. Send me the
code (off-line) or I could send you (off-line) a small servlet that works.


Sumedh wrote:

> Hi all
> Does JDBC driver for DB2 5.1 on OS/390 support java servlets
> accessing DB2 from Websphere?
> For DB2 version 5.1 on OS/390, we have installed the JDBC driver
> and also CLI. We were able to succesfully run the standalone Java sample
> SAMPLE01.JAVA that is supplied with the driver. Now when we are trying to run
> JDBCServlet.java supplied by websphere invoking thru the html supplied
> it is giving an exception.
> Can some one please help us out. Thanks.
> regards
> Krish