Use of unqualified sql

David Ayers

Use of unqualified sql
Hello list.
We have an application this is accessing both DB2 v5.1 OS/390 tables and Oracle
tables within the same Cobol programs that reside on OS/390. The connection to
the Oracle databases is from DataJoiner. Currently we are connection to the
DataJoiner database passing a single userid/ password in the connect string. We
are using this userid to resolve the schema names in the datajoiner catalog
(nicknames). This is working fine, but we loose all accountability to the user
who executes the app. Is there another way to pass a schema name to DataJoiner
We looked at trying to bind the packages with a qualifier / owner but this is
not supported within datajoiner (DB2 common server code base 2.1). Any
help/ideas would be appreciated.

thanks -dfa