Release Announcement - Fast DB2 cloning using Mainstar: Mirroring Solutions / Volume Co

Kelly Smith

Release Announcement - Fast DB2 cloning using Mainstar: Mirroring Solutions / Volume Co

Mainstar Software Corporation announces FAST cloning of DB2 subsystems using
Mainstar: Mirroring Solutions/Volume Conflict Rename (MS/VCR)!

MS/VCR is a vendor independent tool that gives you access to data sets on
'cloned' volumes created with point-in-time copies of Fast Data Replication
tools such as FlashCopy or SnapShot, or 'Splits of Continuous Mirror' tools
such as EMC TimeFinder, IBM PPRC, HDS ShadowImage, Softek TDMF and Fujitsu
Equivalent Copy. These clones have an inherent problem - the target volume
label (reflects the source or target label), internal data: VTOC, VTOCIX &
VVDS and data set names - all reflect the source volume name.


-- renames and catalogs the cloned data in record time

-- fixes the VTOC, VTOCIX, and VVDS conflicts

-- optionally updates DB2 internal control information


-- virtually 24x7 database inquiry availability

-- acceptance testing

-- parallel processing

-- training

-- creating true test beds

MS/VCR is lightning FAST - keep in mind that the source volumes are
available after the COPY!

Timing 1 A DB2 application on 19 volumes with 32,000 data sets.

1 minute to copy

3 minutes to rename

seconds to update DB2

Timing 2 134 volumes with 300 gigabytes of data and 700+ data sets.

3.5 minutes to copy

3.5 minutes to rename

Wrap-around support to update 'cloned' DB2 internals

If a DB2 subsystem is being cloned with the intent of a second DB2 subsystem
accessing the renamed data sets, use MS/VCR DB2UPDATE to 'condition' the
cloned DB2 subsystem.

MS/VCR Benefits

-- Provides a Storage Group and/or Volume mask option. This option reduces
the possibility that a volume is accidentally left out.

-- A SIMULATE feature for both the COPY and RENAME functions.

-- Performs relationship checking to ensure volume pairs match the rules.

-- Re-labels the volume so the cloned volume can remain online.

-- Captures catalog information during the COPY to ensure the information
was gained from your point-in-time.

-- Renames and catalogs target volume data sets so the cloned data can be
used from the same system it was cloned from; instead of requiring a
separate LPAR, because of duplicate data set names.

-- Allows you to rename your files beyond Rename just the HLQ. You can add,
delete or eliminate qualifiers entirely.

-- Includes several options to assign SMS class information to target data

-- Provides the capability to rerun a RENAME that failed due to incorrect
rename masks, without losing your point-in-time.

- Unique support enables you to keep only the data sets you really want at
the conclusion of the rename. This is a great feature to have while waiting
for data set level FlashCopy support.

-- For FlashCopy specifically, MS/VCR keeps track of the behind-the-scenes
FlashCopy activities, enabling you to know when you can start another
cloning operation. Or, MS/VCR can withdraw from the current copy for you.

For more information about MS/VCR, visit

MS/VCR, was developed to IBM specifications, and in addition to being
available directly from Mainstar (, is also remarketed by

Mainstar, Mirroring Solutions, Volume Conflict Rename and MS/VCR are
registered trademarks of Mainstar Software Corporation. IBM, DB2, and
FlashCopy are registered trademarks, and SnapShot and PPRC are trademarks of
International Business Machines Corporation. TimeFinder and SNAP are
trademarks of EMC. ShadowImage is a trademark of HDS. PeopleSoft is a
registered trademark of PeopleSoft, Inc. TDMF is a trademark of Softek.
Equivalent Copy and One Point Copy are trademarks of Fujitsu Software