DSNTPSMP errors on External Name

Lynne Davis

DSNTPSMP errors on External Name

I am using Stored Procedure to build SQL stored procedures. I am able to successfully build a simple procedure and run it. The problem comes when I try to make a change to my stored procedure. Sometimes I get the following error, sometimes I don't.

DSNTPSMP CONSOLE 1 Altering procedure to add EXTERNAL NAME is not supported. Rename procedure or create a new procedure.
1 record(s) selected.

DSNTPSMP - Returned +8
DSNTPSMP - Roll back completed successfully.
LL0PLR001 - Build failed.

When I get the error the only way I've been able to get around it is to create a new stored procedure (not good!).

I am explicitly specifying my External Name in the Stored Procedure
I am using a WLM established Address space.

Has anyone else out there experienced this?

thanks in advance,

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