DB2 V7.2 under AIX vs. SuSE Linux & high availability options

Marshall Fuqua

DB2 V7.2 under AIX vs. SuSE Linux & high availability options
We're currently evaluating options for the DB2 architecture for a new ERP
application that we will be implementing over the next couple of years. We have
decided to use DB2 V7.2 with fixpak 7 or greater on IBM p650 servers, with 1
server being active & the other being standby for failover situations. We are
still considering whether the server OS will be AIX (probably 5.0L) or Linux
(probably the SuSE distribution or maybe RedHat's). One of the considerations
in choosing the OS will be the availability & reliability of failover solutions
for Linux.

We run AIX 4.3.3 with HACMP (not sure of the exact release of HACMP) on our
current DB2 production servers (the ERP application will be on the new servers)
& have seamlessly failed over a couple of times. We're very happy with the AIX
/ HACMP solution. That said, we're considering Linux due to the cost of the AIX
/ HACMP option. My questions for the list - are any of you running DB2 under
Linux with a failover capability? If so, what distribution of Linux are you
running & what failover solution did you choose? Have you had reliable results
in a failover? Any problems with installing & getting things to work properly?

I receive the listserv in digest form, so replies to the listserv or to me
directly ([login to unmask email]) would be great. Thanks for your time &


Marshall Fuqua
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