Joseph Morelli

DB2 OS/390 V7

Let me preface this email with this: I thought I would be able to find some
info about this in the IBM V7 manuals or through google, but I could not.

We are having an AMODE(24) problem here. The DSNHPC load module
(pre-compiler) is compiled with AMODE(24) RMODE(24) and we have an endever
module that is calling it that was compiled AMODE(32) RMODE(ANY). We are
now receiving the following error:

IGZ0033S An attempt was made to pass a parameter address above 16 megabytes
to AMODE(24) program DSNHPC. From compile unit DYNMPRMB at entry point
DYNMPRMB at compile unit offset +00000AF8 at address 17916AF8.

I noticed that there is another module DSNHPC2 in the sdsnload library that
was compiled AMODE(31) RMODE(ANY). Is this another version of the
precompiler that was compiled AMODE(31). If so, are there any other
differences in this precompiler module from the DSNHPC module? Any problems
using this module?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Joe Morelli
Erie Insurance Group