DBRM contoken check rexx on db2-l-documents

Tina Hilton

DBRM contoken check rexx on db2-l-documents
For anyone who is interested in my rexx/dialog that compares the contoken in
the DBRM with the load module to see if there's a match (put on
db2-l-documents on 12/23), I want you to know that my rexx uses PDS84 (also
known as PDS, LPDS, LISTPDS, PDS18 and PDS4, and probably other names) to
get the link date of the load module. The new version of this code (8.5) is
available from the CBT tape site at http://www.cbttape.org/freepds.htm. If
you call it by something other than PDS84, you'll need to change the command
in the rexx.

If you don't have the PDS software and don't want to install it, you can
remove the logic from the rexx fairly easily. If you need assistance with
that, let me know.

Also, I've only tested this with Cobol programs. I don't know if it works
with any other languages.

Tina Hilton

Database Analyst
arvato systems