Pros and Cons of Federated Database

Stephen Poulsen

Pros and Cons of Federated Database
What are the pros and cons of using "federated databases" and "nicknames"?

We have a small number of DB2/UDB databases that support different
applications. All of the databases are in the same instance and on the same
server. The applications are somewhat related and the data
actually "belongs" to the same department. Developers are wanting to to
join data from the different databases in a single SQL statement and so
they have picked up on the idea of "nicknames". We did not initially
install the federated option.

We are thinking that it might be easier to just have a single database with
different schemas for each application - which in this situation seems
fairly easy to accomplish?

Thanks for your input.

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Re: Pros and Cons of Federated Database
(in response to Stephen Poulsen)
IMHO easier/simpler is almost always better.