Stored data in upper case

Sibimon Philip

Stored data in upper case
Thanks to all who replied. I thought something we can do to character set to
solve this. This is not a major problem. But people here wants something
like case insensitive searches like SQLserver without specifying UCASE or
LCASE and it should use index.


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Hi Sibi,
You're pretty much limited to using the UCASE or UPPER function. The
synatax is
UCASE('character string or column with lower case characters')
To change existing data you can use the SQL UPDATE statement. To insure that
future data is all upper case you would best be served by writing a BEFORE
TRIGGER to force the character columns to upper case.
Hope this helps,
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Subject: Stored data in upper case

> Is there any character set or any other thing allow db2 to store the data
> always in upper case in a table. We are on DB2 version 6 on OS/390.
> going to version 7. There are data exist in upper and lower case, but we
> want to covert all the data to upper case and stored. Any new data should
> stored in upper case always. Is there any way can we achieve this in DB2.
> Thanks..sibi