PeopleSoft thread timeout ... Thanks.

Glenn Mackey

PeopleSoft thread timeout ... Thanks.

Thanks to all for your valuable input. I may not have a total solution, but
now think I understand what I am up against. After reading Brian's week 23
(Monitoring online threads - 3 and 4 tier, I think I may have to live with one
thread out there for PSSAMSRV, but I will report it to PeopleSoft to see if
they have a fix or if it is intended to be included in the other fixes.

I have another question for clarity is now: Do all PS sites have an active
thread for PSSAMSRV.exe? (We are HR)

Some answers and comments for the various replies - I know others have
already replied as well.

1. The PeopleSoft V8 install manual for V8.18 recommends cmstat=inactive and
idthtoin=0 - it points out that when cmstats=inactive, the idthtoin is

However, it would not surprise me to find another PeopleSoft document which
states the opposite or a different text in recommended settings. That's why
I appreciate Brian Holroyd and others to pitch in to add clarity.

2. Matt, I took your advise. I found out that we do not need these processes
and stopped them. I have one process left. A great improvement of 5 per

3. MAXTYPE1=0 is the setting. I want the threads to go inactive type2. One
thread to go :)

4. Ellen Segersin - Thanks for the information. I checked customer
connection. As you said, it is fixed in a later release. Luckily I do not
need the services, so they are configured out of the setup. However, I am
amazed at their (PeopleSoft) gall not to fix the problem now and wait for a
new release and recommend stopping the service before a executing the
backup. Yeah - I would come at 2am just for that. How pathetic.

5. I will keep the cmstat=inactive and idthtoin=0. We have other websphere
Java etc. applications and we send threads inactive on commits.

And my question now is: Do all PS sites have an active thread for

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