usermod for lmod dsnxgrds (never mind)

Tina Hilton

usermod for lmod dsnxgrds (never mind)
Never mind. I just found a sample.

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> Subject: usermod for lmod dsnxgrds
> Does anyone happen to have a usermod that will track lmod dsnxgrds and let
> you know when maintenance touches it? I have to copy this module to a
> TicToc library and apply a zap whenever maintenance changes it, and I'd
> like a usermod to help me remember to do it. I've never written a usermod
> before, though, and don't have a clue how to accomplish this. Does anyone
> have one they can share?
> Tina Hilton
> Database Analyst
> arvato systems

Chris Hoelscher

Re: USERMOD for lmod dsnxgrds
(in response to Tina Hilton)
Tina - you can define your third-party library to your SMP/E environment,
and then create a USERMOD that defines the module in the 3rd-party library
- from that point forward any APAR applied (I have only tried it with ZAPs)
would automatically be made to BOTH loadlibs. I wrote this for use with
(dare I say) another mainframe DBMS, but I see no reason it would not work
on ANY SMP/E environment - please let me know if you are interested in the

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