Data Sharing: DB2 Disaster Recovery

Ford Wong

Data Sharing: DB2 Disaster Recovery
We recently completed a DB2 Disaster Recovery test of our DB2 Data Sharing
system with 4 members. All members reside on same box but on different
LPARs. Although we successfully (I think it was ugly) recovered two
members (we only wanted to recover these two members), we still have a few

1. Do you need to rebuild the BSDS of the "ALL" members in the Data
Sharing group before starting up the first member?

Or can you get away with building just the BSDS of the first member to be
started. The IBM manual doesn't talk about this. We tried to just restore
the first BSDS and then start DB2. The CR record was built correctly using
the lowest LRSN from amongst all members, etc.

2. Upon initial startup of the first member of our Data Sharing group, DB2
prompted for the startup of all other Data Sharing members. However on
another start attempt (where we rebuild the BSDS, etc again and again), DB2
did not prompt for the start up of the other Data Sharing members. Does
anybody know why this happened? How does DB2 decide when to prompt for
the start up of other members? One of my colleagues felt that this was
because something was set up wrong on our DSNZPARM? I am not convinced.

For those people who are intestested, our recovery of the DB2 system
catalog started out on an ugly note when trying to recover the first DB2
Catalog tablespace: SYSUTILX. DB2 kept asking for an non existant RBA in
the log for another member and it looks like we stumbled upon DB2 bug
PQ61421. Our recovery had the same error messages, etc as that described
in this bug but due to something completely different. Again, my colleague
felt that this problem was because our DSNZPARM was built wrong?

Unfortunately all the SYSTEM LOG and DB2 Subsystem messages were not
retained after our DR test. I managed to recreate the DB2 Catalog and
directory by using RECOVER to RBA with some interesting problems as the DB2
catalog did not exist and DB2 wanted to update certain tables, etc but we
got it done.

Any comments or useful tips are welcome.



A Disaster Recovery Data Sharing Challenged Individual.