=?UTF-8? Replication

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=?UTF-8? Replication
The following is a reply from IBM specialist, Scott Howard:

2 ways to save SQL:

which Control Center, choose "Save SQL in Script" rather than "Run
Immediately" at conclusion of your definition dialog

Use The DataJoiner Replication administrator available for free download
from IBM.COM/software/data/datajoiner. You must save the DDL as a script
before you can run it.

Regards Scott,

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At 10:30 AM 1/15/03 -0200, you wrote:
>Estimated Listers.
> In the company I work for, we use DB2 Replication to send data from
>a Staging system to a Live system.
> I implemented the replication using the Control Center.
> I´d like to ask you: Is there a method to create the DDL´s for
>implement Replication?
> We are running DB2 UDB 7.2 in Win 2000.
>Thanks in advance,
>Marco Poma
>IBM Certified Solutions Expert
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