Federated DB2 and command senter

Hanne Lyssand

Federated DB2 and command senter
I have started to test federated DB2 defined on an NT platform connecting
to DB2 7.1 on Z/OS 1.4
Every thing seems very nice and I am able to "sample contents" in control

When i jump to command center the problem startes. I am able to connect to
my database and start and SQL-assist session. To write SQL for the local
tables works find, but when I try to read from the tables defined in the
federatet database i get trouble. For some reason SQL assist puts in a %
instead of my nickname DB2ADMIN


Instead of


One other ting who seems a little bit odd is that sql-assist help tekst is
in Norweigia and not in English which i would expect, since i have asked
for the english version for the DB2 install. The rest is in english.

I am an mainframe DB2-girl so the internals of NT and DB2 on NT is new for
me. I have the latest version installed on NT with all fixpacks and all
PTF's untill septemper 2002 is on for DB2 on Z/OS is on.

Help is needed, please!!!

Hanne Lyssand

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