Down Level Detection Errors in DB2 V7

Cindy Andersen

Down Level Detection Errors in DB2 V7
Has anyone experienced problems with down level detection and/or CHECK INDEX
failing after migrating to DB2 V7 from V6?

We have migrated some of our DB2 for OS/390 V6 subsystems to DB2 V7. The
migration has gone well and we are not seeing any problems in our
development & QA subsystems. We are scheduled to go to production this

However, we are uncertain if we should go to production because we have had
down level detection errors occur in our test DB2 subsystem (called DB2V).
This system is only used by the System Programming department for initial
install/upgrades of products. After the V7 migration the DSN1CHKR, DSN1COPY
w/CHECK option, and CHECK INDEX on the catalog/directory worked fine, as did
the IVP jobs. A couple weeks later we began getting down level detection
errors on a DB2 catalog tablespace and some CHECK INDEX errors. We did not
copy anything from another system over the DB2 catalog/directory datasets.
In checking IBMLink for related issues, it appears there are multiple APARs
for index detection problems and false down level detection messages.

Since we don't know what caused the DB2V situation we don't know if it is
related to DB2 V7 code or not. Our other two DB2 subsystems have not had
this problem.

Cindy Andersen