IBM DB2 for z/OS, V8 - UNICODE

Amit Agarwal

IBM DB2 for z/OS, V8 - UNICODE
I have two questions regarding unicode support.
1. How many bytes does each character have? From what I understand, unicode
can come in
three forms, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF -32. Which ones does Db2 support.
2. How does this compatibility compare with Oracle9i ? Oracle9i does not
any fixed width, multibyte character set as its database character set,
since the database
character set must be either 7bit ASCII or EBCIDIC. However, data can be
in any format.


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but who said Version numbers were SMALLINT?? Don't forget 1.2, 1.3, 2.3 =
etc - looks like they are DECIMAL(2,1) at least to me.. So V8 must =
really be V8.

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I guess you had to write the code to "support generating unique =
numbers for applications" before you could determine that V8 would be =
release after V7. :)

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Now we get to find all of those Vnexts and change them to Version 8 or =

I checked the web this morning, and most of the changes are done, but =
are still some updates to make and glitches to fix. The easy URL to =
type is Then click to the V8 page.

or paste in

The What's New? book has the primary description. The overview =
has about 100 foils and notes. We'll be getting others updated as we =
get to them.

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Re: IBM DB2 for z/OS, V8 - UNICODE
(in response to Amit Agarwal)
DB2 Unicode support is UTF-8 and UTF-16.
Much of the DB2 Unicode support has been there for a while, so the
information is out on the web. I'd suggest the redbook DB2 Version 7
Presentation Guide, SG24-6121 or a presentation with Unicode in the title on

You may also want to look at the oerating system Unicode support.

The changes for DB2 V8 are outlined in the overview and What's New? book on
the DB2 for z/OS V8 page,

Roger Miller