Neon: Thanks for the help

David Brown

Neon: Thanks for the help

I appreciate your help on this and have forwarded it
to them. I believe that they will be getting in touch with
you shortly.

Thanks -- dave
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Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: FW: Neon--DB2 Connection: HELP!!!

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>10/07/99 11:42 AM
>You folks have hit a known bug in IBM OE TCP/IP that we have seen at a few
>other customer sites. The APAR list for this problem follows. Notice the
>CLOSE STARTED message in the Trace Browse. This indicates that an OE Socket
>is being closed. A CLOSE EXECUTED message should follow immediately.
>However, because of the bug in OE Sockets, the close is never completed.
>The APAR list is:
>Thank you
>Gregg Willhoit
>NEON Systems, Inc.
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> Subject: Neon--DB2 Connection: HELP!!!
> Everyone:
> I am working with a client who is just bringing up a
> major project management system application that
> uses an ODBC connection to DB2 using Neon
> Systems Shadow Direct.
> The application only has about 65 users on it but it is
> bringing the current (55 MIPs) system down. We have
> an idea it has to do with improper installation or tuning.
> If you have any experience with Neon, please let me
> know. If you can, please provide the following:
> Your system, MIPS and Operating System:
> 310 (6 engines)
> How many users you have aboard:
> 200+
> What type of applications are you using Neon/DB2 for?
> Brio Query Designer
> Did you have any problems when first bringing the system
> up?
> Shadow server was maxing out our CPU
> Of course, I would appreciate any help or time with regard to
> tuning this system. They might want me to bring in a consultant
> for a couple days to help, so if you wish to apply for that
> job, please let me know and we can follow up on it.
> I am not a consultant.
> Let me thank you all in advance -- dave brown
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