Orphaned Storage from SMS

Jeremiah Eden

Orphaned Storage from SMS
FYI. Last set of additional symptoms were just added to this SMS HIPER
APAR. You might want to get your OS SYSPROG to put this on.

APAR Identifier ...... OA03201 Last Changed ........ 03/10/01
. . .

DFSMSdfp SMS VTOC Data Set Services calls SMS Configuration
Services to obtain configuration information and does not
freemain the area of storage aquired on its behalf. This area
generally houses the IGDBCD control block. sp230 key5
Diag code 04034336 can also result in this scenario.

Additional symptoms:
Condition has been experienced by DB2 users encountering
IEC070I 104-204 while trying to add new volume during out
of space condition; the subpool associated with the IGDBCDs
has been SP230 Key0 .
( IEC070I 104 204 SP230 Key0 KEY0 )