New product: Handling extent problems automatically on DB2 for z/OS

Dirk Johann

New product: Handling extent problems automatically on DB2 for z/OS
Dear List,

We would like to inform you about a new product from our RealTimeMaintain
product family for DB2 z/OS called RT-ExtentManager.

Every DBA knows and hates the problem of exploding DB2 spaces resulting
from, e.g., either unexpected amounts of data or unknown storage sizes
needed by table spaces belonging to ERP systems like SAP. Even the
requested allocation for objects in test environments is often not
sufficient. To overcome this, DBAs had only the chance to oversize the
allocation for such objects, thus wasting expensive DASD space.

As you know, an ALTER on a secondary quantity takes place immediately, even
with a LOAD job running in parallel. By monitoring extent requests,
RT-ExtentManager automatically avoids space problems by intelligent sizing
of the secondary quantity of DB2 objects during real-time.

If you are interested in detailed information or would like to DOWNLOAD
this solution for a FREE trial, please visit us at

Dirk Johann
Software Engineering

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