[DB2EUG] DB2Move and parallelism


[DB2EUG] DB2Move and parallelism

Are you licensed for 4 CPU's
inst-user> db2licm -l
does this give 4 CPU's or just 1?

What is your i/o idle time, perhaps you have an i/o problem?

Finally .........db2move...perhaps you can make it quicker by
using exports and db2look? You could start the export jobs
in the background so that you can start them all together.....



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Subject: [DB2EUG] DB2Move and parallelism

> Anytime I'm running db2move on my four processor Linux box the CPU idle
> goes to 75 percent and stays there.
> Is the anyway of telling it to use the extra resources in the machine?
> Also can I pipe db2 backup through gzip to save space and use the other
> processors?
> -HJC
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