DB2MOVE Utility Not Moving 'WITH DEFAULT' Definition

Jeffrey Schade

DB2MOVE Utility Not Moving 'WITH DEFAULT' Definition
I have been using the DB2MOVE and DB2LOOK utilities on a Windows DB2 UDB
Version 8 platform to extract DDL from OS/390 DB2 Version 6 on a
mainframe and I have noticed that all my columns defined as 'NOT NULL
WITH DEFAULT' came over as 'NOT NULL'. The 'WITH DEFAULT' option was
dropped. Can anyone give me a clue as to why this happened and how I can
correctly move the table definitions. I must admit I am seriously
disappointed in how many changes I have to make to my mainframe DDL to
get it to work on Windows UDB. I expected everything except the
tablespaces to be compatible and yet that is not the case.


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