Archived log path directory on UDB for LUW V8.1

Raquel Rodriguez

Archived log path directory on UDB for LUW V8.1
Ok, so these are the two pieces of information
regarding the location of archived logs during a
rollforward recovery in a recoverable database:

1. OVERFLOWLOGPATH configuration parameter can specify
a location for DB2 to find log files that are needed
for rollforward operations.

2. The database configuration file parameter
'userexit' specifies whether the database manager
invokes a user exit program to retrieve log
files during rollforward recovery of databases.

So, it seems that the algorithm during a rollforward
recovery is:

DB2 checks to see if at all, userexit parameter is

1. if userexit is enabled, DB2 checks the value of
OVERFLOWLOGPATH configuration parameter to find the
location of archived logs. So, with userexit enabled,
if a valid value OVERFLOWLOGPATH is not provided, DB2
only checks the active log path directory for the
archived logs needed for rollforward recovery and will
most probably fail (because userexit will most
probably have copied the logs to 'archive log path

2. If userexit is not enabled, all the archived logs
needed for rollforward recovery must exist in the
'active log path directory'. In this case (when
userexit is not enabled), OVERFLOWLOGPATH will be
ignored even if it is provided.

I did not find it documented anywhere that DB2
actually invoked userexit during rollforward recovery
to find the location of 'archive log path directory'.
It seems that OVERFLOWLOGPATH is the sole parameter
which gives DB2 the information about the location of
'archive log path directory'.

Is my understanding correct?

Also, during rollforward operations, does UDB 'copy'
the logs from 'archive log path directory' to 'active
log path directory' or does it directly read the logs
from the 'archive log path directory' itself? I know
that during a rollback or crash recovery operation,
all the logs to be processed by DB2 must be present in
the 'active log path directory'. So, is it the same
for rollforward operations too?


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