TCP/IP question

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TCP/IP question
We have an AS/400 application that currently uses SNA and two-phase commit
to DRDA to our OS/390 (DB2V7) environment. When we try to switch to use
TCP/IP we get a -30090 sql code. The AS/400 is the coordinator of the
two-phase commit process while the OS/390 is a participant. The AS/400
program uses CONNECT TO :hv USER :hv-user USING :hv-using. The program is
bound both on the AS/400 and OS/390. The package is bound using
DBPROTOCOL(DRDA). We have the VTAM parm SYNCLVL=SYNCPT specified too. We
have other applications working using one-phase commit. Has anyone else
run into this and can shed some light on how to get away from receiving the
-30090 using two-phase commit?

Thanks in advance for any/all input.

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