Deadlock Problem Plz help

ali hasnain

Deadlock Problem Plz help

I'm working on DB2 UDB ver 7.2 for WINNT. We had a
table which is currently have row level locking.
Records on that table can be accessed thru several
places simultaneously but we r having a lot of
deadlocks due to which the server hangs and we 've to
force all users.
It started to get deadlocks since 15 days b/f that it
was working fine. The dlcheck param is set at 10000
and maxlocks is set on 1000.
Kindly help me in resolving the problem so we can't
have deadlocks any more or atleast the server
shouldn't hang.
We can't have table level locking cauz we update that
table frequently from multiple locations.

Ali Hasnain

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