[DB2EUG] Compatibility Issues Between Fixpak Versions

Philip Nelson

[DB2EUG] Compatibility Issues Between Fixpak Versions

As far as I'm aware there should not be any problems. Of course you
won't be able to use any new functionality shipped in the later fixpack
until you have the server at that version.

I'm happily running a client at Fixpack 11 against servers at Fixpack 7.

Note that there are (documented) problems running V8 clients against V7
servers. The general advice is to get the servers to V8 before
upgrading the clients. You should however have clients at a fairly high
V7 fix level (I think FP7 or above from memory) before upgrading your
servers to V8.



On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 19:06, [login to unmask email] wrote:
> Is anybody aware of any issues with a client workstation running DB2 Client
> v7.2 fixpak 8 and accessing a DB2 Server v7.2 fixpak 7? In our case, the
> Client would be either Windows XP or NT, while the Server would be AIX.
> TIA for any info.
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