The Beast that is the OTG

Raymond Bell

The Beast that is the OTG

Cathy Taddei

Re: The Beast that is the OTG
(in response to Raymond Bell)
Raymond, my story is much worse than it sounds. I'm STILL on Release (afaik, the cost of upgrading is the cost of the product). NOT
ONLY do I take care of OTG for 3 DB2 subsystems, BUT... users connect to it
using _Oracle on the mainframe_! I have 3 Oracle instances on my mainframe,
whose sole function in life is to allow users to log on and use the gateway.
It was really funny last year when I turned on password checking in the
gateway. Nobody in security could log on to the Oracle instances to change
anyone's long-expired passwords. :D


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My sympathies to you both for having to work with the OTG. At my last role
I had to look after the damn thing. I think was the release.
Mainframe-based, purely to allow Oracle clients to get at our precious DB2
data. Two STCs I think, both as flaky as each other. Wanted to swap it for
something - anything - else but never managed it. DB2 Connect wouldn't have
worked for us, as the clients were all Oracle/AIX. I believe (and I'm quite
prepared to be shot down on this) that these gateway-type products are good
at servicing requests for heterogeneous data from their like-minded clients
(eg. Oracle clients using the OTG, DB2 clients using DB2 Connect) but not so
good at being a generic data handler for all clients to all data sources. I
got the impression the only gateway that would work with Oracle->DB2 was the
OTG. Would love to be wrong on this. Also thought about moving the OTG off
to an AIX box - never got beyond the wish phase.





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