Happy New Year 2004

Aysel Boncu

Happy New Year 2004

Happy New Year 2004,

Wish you in the next year 2004 Good Health Fw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne5.gif,Good appetiteFw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne6.gifIf you are single , wish you find your lover Fw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne7.gif ,and get married soonFw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne8.gif ;If you are married, wish you love each other more, Fw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne9.gifand have a smart little babyFw Merry Chri!
stmas & Happy Ne10.gif ;If you are a man, wish you more handsome Fw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne11.gifand strongerFw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne12.gifIf you are a girl, wish you more beautiful Fw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne13.gif more consideratelyFw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne14.gifWish you happy!Fw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne15.gif Enjoy your life!Fw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne16.gifAnd Keep in touch <outbind://11/mail> Fw Merry Christmas & Happy Ne17.gif

Happy Holidays!
......... Happy New Year!!!


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