DB2 datasets and candidate volumes

Steve lamb

DB2 datasets and candidate volumes
Dear Gurus,

I'd like advice/thoughts on the following please.
We're in the situation that we have DB2 storage groups defined with
specific volumes and the SMS storage group behind all this for DB2 uses the
guaranteed space parm. This of course leads to problems when datasets try
to extend - SMS will only try and use the first candidate volume in the
list because of the guaranteed space parm.
If I do an IDCAMS LISTC on various multi-volume datasets (tablespaces and
indexes), some of them only have primary volumes and others have primary
and candidate volumes. In some cases, some partitions of a tablesace have
candidate volumes and others don't. Would you expect datasets to have
candidate volumes permamently defined, or are they normally removed once
the dataset has extended successfully on to a new disk? Is the presence of
candidate volumes a hangover from previous failed attempts to extend when
things haven't been cleaned up properly?



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