Scope of Check Data ?

Wayne Mckay

Scope of Check Data ?

We are running DB2 V6.0 on MVS.

On Page 62 of the Utility Guide and Reference there is a paragraph 'Specify the Scope of Check Data' which states:

To specify the scope of CHECK DATA, it is normally sufficient to run CHECK DATA with SCOPE PENDING. DB2 keeps track of the data rows
that must be checked to ensure the referential integrity of the table space.

Question 1: How does DB2 keep track of the data rows that must be checked? From this I would expect that if you run Check Data it does not necessarily have to check all the rows in a table if you specify Scope Pending.

Question 2: If you run a Reorg Discard and rows are discarded, DB2 will place referentially-related objects into CHECK pending status (P. 330). If you then run the Check Data on these tables will all rows in these tables need to be checked?

Thanks for any insight into this issue.

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