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Subject: SQL Question: dividing data into equally
sized segments

Here's a question for you SQL gurus. I couldn't find this in the archives.
(We're on DB2 UDB V7.2 on AIX, by the way.)

For analysis and reporting purposes, I need to find out how to use SQL to divide
any given set of rows into equal sized subsets based on the sorted numeric key
values? For example, I might want to segment the total set of rows into
quartiles (4 equal sized groups), deciles (ten equal sized groups), etc.

Is there an SQL solution for doing this (aside from the brute-force method of
getting the total number of rows and then opening a cursor with the data ordered
by the key column and fetching my way through all rows to get the value of the
key at the appropriate points)?

I know that some RDBMS vendors have proprietary functions that facilitate this,
but I need a generic solution that could be used on RDBMSs of different vendors
(DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.), because the application we are developing will
be used with DB2, Oracle, and other RDBMSs.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Westfall
Equifax, Inc.
Lombard, Illinois

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