Information Integrator

Steve Grimes

Information Integrator
Hey there, OS 390 2.10, DB2 V7.1, Information Integrator 8.0 here, (We
just got II in house.)

It looks like we need to create a federated view on our DB2 connect server,
containing all tables in the OS/390 DB2 and SQL server environments we want
to federate. Does this mean that every time we add a table to one of
these DBMS's, that we'll also need to manually add it to the federated

What if we create a new table/tablespace through SPUFI? Will the federated
system know about it? How about if we create it via DDL executed through
and ODBC connection that goes through the federated server? Will both
places then automatically "know" about it?

Any ideas for the "best practice" for keeping our federated view in sync
with the base databases?

(Sorry if my terminology is incorrect.)



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