Max Scarpa


I didn't want to reply to your first mail, I thought 'Maybe he'll realize
that this post could be consider inopportune', but as far as I can see it
didn't happen.

I'm one of the many who sent (more than one time) a post to search a new
job position. This IS a technical board (not a tech support board) but
you're using a very restrictive definition of it. What is better, if
someone is looking for a new job, than putting a post in a tech board ? I
know that some (few) managers read this board and so do some 3rd party
vendors tech specialists so it's a good place where you can post a request.
No one ask you to respond to job search on this board, you can easily
contact her/him offline. No one ask you to read the post as in the 100% of
cases it's evident from the subject what they contain. Moreover, if I
remember well, DB2-L owners admit a limited number of posts dealing with
job search or new products/tools, so they are accepted by DB2-L bosses.

I could agree if you found posts regarding the fact that miss january 2004
is too thin and 'flat' or how to cook biscuits (but some DB2er could find
these topics interesting), but this will never happen here, there are some
other boards dealing with them. Many times you see some 'OT' , why you
don't complain about it ?

From your post I can understand you're a genius of IT, but this doesn't
prevent a company to fire employees, if they think that somewhere they cost
less (maybe the same big firm you're working for). It's happening to some
collegues (here and abroad) and maybe to me, with a lot of problems for
these persons (and their family in many cases), and you post a mail saying
(more or less) 'Don't bother me with this nuisance' (actually I wanted to
use a more strong expression).

My personal opinion - I repeat,personal opinion - is that calling 'garbage'
or 'spam' job search posts (a small amount of total posts, anyway) shows a
poor consideration of 'collegues' (lato sensu), lack of solidarity and some
deal of nerve.

I don't know if this mail will be appreciated by some listers, and if the
owner will think it's inopportune I'll accept the sanctions, if any. But I
felt I had to reply.

Massimo Scarpa
DB2 sysprog, still searching

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