SV: Control Center Error UDB 6.1

Sven Heidorn

SV: Control Center Error UDB 6.1

CLI0616E Error opening socket.
Explanation: Cannot open the socket to server, server may be down.
User Response: Ensure JDBC server is up, and rerun your program.

check that the required services are up and running, go to control panel and
Hope this helps.

Sven Heidorn

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> Från: Manas Dasgupta [SMTP:[login to unmask email]
> Skickat: den 8 oktober 1999 15:37
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> Ämne: Control Center Error UDB 6.1
> Hi!
> I need some help resolving the following error. I just completed
> installing
> UDB 6.1 PE on my NT Workstation and rebooted the machine. It came up and
> said DB2 V6.1 installed successfully. But when I invoke Control Center, I
> get :
> IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0616E Error opening socket. SQLSTATE=08S01
> I get the same error when I try to invoke the Information Center. However,
> I
> can use CCA, CLP and the command center and am able to Catalog DRDA host
> databases as well as local database - just can't use the control center
> and
> Information center..
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Manas.