Scripts in UDB (was: RE: Scheduled backup failure)

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Scripts in UDB (was: RE: Scheduled backup failure)
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Asunto: Re: Scheduled backup failure

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Hi Daniel,

A few suggestions:

1. Check that the DB2DAS00 service is running properly on
the DB2 server. If the DAS has died, then job scheduling
goes with it. The DAS can sometimes go into what we call
"na na land" i.e. the service is started, but not talking
to the rest of the world - requiring a stop & start of the

2. Check that the authid/password you are trying to schedule
it under has appropriate DB2 access.

3. Check that the authid you are using has access to the disk
drives on the server - C: drive and wherever you have the
SQLLIB installed (it needs some form of update access - we
gave up in frustration and made ours a local administrator.
Overkill, but it works!).

4. Check that you don't have any strange errors on your DB2 server.
Check DB2DIAG.LOG (check also for one in the SQLLIB/DB2DAS00
directory - specifically for the DAS service). We had problems
when a DB2 error triggered a DRWATSON error - the stupid thing
pops up a message window "click OK..." on the DB2 Server and
you have to respond to the DRWATSON error before you can get
sense out of the Journal! We disabled DrWatson....:)

5. Check also for DB2ALERT.LOG messages

6. Get the latest fixpack.....and cross your fingers...

The Backup Smartguide does not create a script that you can browse,
it has some sort of internal mechanism, so you won't find one!

Hope that is some help....


Greg Palgrave
Database Administration Group
Bank of Western Australia
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Thanks for your help, I

Marc Baime

Re: Scripts in UDB
(in response to Centro de Computos)

Version 6.1 of the CAE can be downloaded from for free. In
version 6.1 a show command button has been added to virtually every one of
the Control Center Dialogues (e.g. Database Create Smartguide). This button
allows you to view the SQL being generated by the smartguide or other
dialogue and to save it as an ascii script if you desire. It's a great new
feature and I have been using it a lot.

Regards...Marc Baime

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Date: Wednesday, October 06, 1999 7:58 AM
Subject: Scripts in UDB

>We are using Control Center version 5.2 to create scripts to run against
our UDB
>version 5.0 database that resides on an AIX platform. If we use the
>to create the scripts we are unable to view the contents of the script
after it
>has been created. The output from the script execution is also lacking
>meaningful details. Has anyone found a way to view the contents of the
>when using the smartguides? IS there a way to get more detailed output
>executing the script?
>Don Tipton