DB2 V8 New Function Mode

Grace Chen

DB2 V8 New Function Mode
Hi List,

We already convert our test DB2 system from V7 to V8 New function Mode
and I have some questions regarding the format of DBD, packages and

From red book DB2 UDB for Z/OS Version 8 : Everything you Ever Wanted to
know,.. and more, there is an attention on page 952 indicate that we
should rebind all packages and plans. It also recommends that we
should plan to make some small change to every database. This will
force DB2 to rebuild and store all the DBDs using the V8 format into the

My questions are:

1. What kind of change on database will make DB2 rebuild and store DBD
using the V8 format into directory? Is there any suggestion that we
can only make DB2 rebuild DBD but not really change anything on

2. When we rebind package/plan on V8 NFM, can we still use the DBRM
that was created from V7 ? What's the difference on binding the EBCDIC


Grace Chen

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