Fwd: DB2 V7 to V8 - Unable to allocate bufferpool

Ravikumar Devireddy

Fwd: DB2 V7 to V8 - Unable to allocate bufferpool

I could get around this problem, thanks to smit for
giving the lead.

With DB2 V8, By default DB2 tries to allocate the
total database shared memory PLUS an additional 10-20%
while starting the database. ( DB CFG parameter
This extra 10-20% is useful to make changes to
buffers, caches online without having to recycle DB2.

Our V7 config has memory configured close to 1.75GB
(limit of DB Shared memory), and hence when DB2 V8
tried to start up with what is configured
and an additional 10-20%, it spilled over the limit
and failed to allocate the bufferpools.

We could set the DATABASE_MEMORY to a specific value
instead of AUTOMATIC, or lower our bufferpools to a
little lesser than V7 to allow 10-20% automatic
allocation by DB2.

Thanks again, Wish you all Happy Holidays for the


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