Offloading SMF accounting records

Ludmila Koganer

Offloading SMF accounting records
We are a small shop and just migrating some of our apps to DB2. I am the
DB2 systems girl here, and I am also on the learning curve.
We have been told to keep 5 days worth of DB2 accounting records of SMF
type 100 and 101.

I am encountering issues in filtering the db2 100 and 101 records from our
smf daily dataset.
I have raw smf dataset (offloaded from Man(n)datasets) and I am just
writing a SORT to squeeze SMF type 100 or 101 records, but in futile.

Can anyone please send me a sample JCL that wd show me how to do it?. It
wd be helpful.
We are on DB2 V8 compat mode.


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