ICTYPE="T" Image Copies

Nick Cianci

ICTYPE="T" Image Copies
> Dear List,
> If you have run a COPY using LISTDEF, and after a job failure you
> terminate the utility. Those TableSpaces that were successfully copied
> from the LISTDEF are assigned an ICTYPE="T" on SYSCOPY.
> We've discovered that you can't run a COPYTOCOPY from it, but can you use
> it in a RECOVER or using an UNLOAD? I would assume that DSN1COPY can
> still access it, but what of the other utilities. I've looked in the
> manuals but they don't seem to say.
> Further, one for the IBM people out there, if a COPY has completed why
> mark it "T" why not "F", regardless of whether something else in the
> ListDef fails. The only reason I can think of is for restartability, but
> I'd have thought that the information for restart would be held with the
> utility ID?
> Cheers,
> Nick F. Cianci

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